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Children’s Natural Healthcare

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Children’s Health Environmental Coalition – How to prevent children from being exposed to hazards in the home - http://www.checnet.org/

Learn about chemical around your house - http://www.epa.gov/kidshometour/index.htm 

Healthy Child - http://www.healthychild.com/index.html

Holistic Kids http://www.holistickids.org/

Kids Health - http://kidshealth.org/index.html

Pediatric Integrative Medicine http://www.brentenergywork.com/integrative_pediatric_medicine%20article.htm

Dr. Alan Greene – Caring for the next generation - http://www.drgreene.com/

Natural Family Online: Whole Living for the Whole Family - http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/

Mothering Magazine: the Magazine of Natural Family Living - http://www.mothering.com/


Natural Products for a Healthier Child

Nature Pedic – Specialize exclusively in the design and manufacturing of infant and children's mattresses that promote natural materials, a non-toxic design, fire-safety, and baby health - http://naturepedic.com/ 

Nature Baby and Family - Natural, non-toxic and organic choices for baby, moms, family and home. http://www.naturebabyandfamily.com/

Covers 4 kids - Protect your babies from germs on shopping carts and restaurant highchairs - http://covers4kids.com

Prevent Crib Death – Mattress covers to help prevent crib death - http://www.preventcribdeath.com

Natural Baby Products - Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Diaper Cream and more - All Natural http://www.naturesbabyproducts.com/

Organic Baby Products Safer for baby, better for the planet! http://www.OrganicGiftShop.com


 Children’s Vitamins and Supplements

The Baby Center; The lowdown on children’s vitamins – Article and provides information for mom’s and kids newborn to 8 years old - http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/toddler/toddlerfeeding/1186706.html

Baby Zone: Does my Child Need a Multi-Vitamin – http://www.babyzone.com/features/content/display.asp?TopicID=3000&ContentID=1150

Child Life:  Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes with Probiotics will takeover where our food leaves off. It is essential for children of all ages to have the benefit of a strong immune system - they also deserve clear minds and strong bodies - http://www.biogro.us/childlife.html

Cyber Vitamins - http://www.cybervitamins.com/vsaur.htm

Children’s Vitamins at Vita Cost - http://www.vitacost.com/productResults.aspx?N=32+1003741&source=trafficleader


Natural Remedies

Strengthening Children’s Immune System - http://www.healthychild.com/database/strengthening_your_child_s_immune_system.htm

Kids Immune System - http://kidshealth.org/parent/general/body_basics/immune.html

Boost your Childs Immune System - http://www.mypharmacy.co.uk/health_books/books/b/boost_your_childs_immune_system.htm

Parenting Toddlers - Offers practical advice and tips on parenting toddlers and young children. Also offers some natural remedies - http://www.parentingtoddlers.com 

Nothing but Natural for My Kid: Homeopathics for children protecting your family naturally – http://www.newtonlabs.net/index.asp

Native Remedies; Homeopathics just for Children - http://www.nativeremedies.com/homeopathic-cures-child-adhd-anxiety-sleep-disorder.html?img=321&kbid=1222

Parents and Kids Zone: What Really Works? - http://www.whatreallyworks.co.uk/start/kidszone.asp?article_ID=559

Herbal Remedies for Children - http://www.herbsforhealth.com/index.php?page=article&do=view&id=herbalremedies



 Healing Choices: Your Guide to Complementary and Alternative Healthcare provides information on holistic modalities for the whole family - infants to adults. BUY YOUR COPY TODAY   - (link)


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